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South Lander Street Bridge project designs looking for feedback

The bridge design is said to be 30 percent complete

The South Lander Street overpass project feels like one of those things that’s just been sitting there forever in the background as a potentially-helpful construction project that never gets any closer to happening. It’s been in the works as far back as the 1990s but never seemed to get off the ground. Recently, however, that’s all changed thanks to a $45 million federal grant.

The plan is to build a bridge on S Lander Street between 1st Avenue S and 4th Avenue S, crossing over four train tracks and making it easier for freight to move in and out of the neighborhood. The bridge design is said to be 30 percent complete.

SDOT recently held an open house meeting for community members to take a look at the plans and provide some input. Comments at the meeting apparently focused on bicycle and pedestrian connectivity and safety, parking, and business access. But SDOT isn’t done taking feedback. You can still add your own two cents in various ways before the end of the day today (Friday, September 30).

Construction is set to begin on the bridge in early 2018 with completion hopeful for early 2020.