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Tiny Ballard house pulls in big views for $525K

Tiny houses can enjoy big views, and for a lot less money

Big views deserve big windows. That doesn't mean they need big houses, though. This 590 square foot bungalow has a corner window that lets looks across the neighbors and out and over Golden Gardens. For someone, the view sights alone will be worth the $525,000 listing price.

Behind the sights and the windows is a 1945 bungalow that houses 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The paint and carpets are new. The kitchen is a reminder that an all-white kitchen can look clean and efficient without being so shiny that the cook can't see.

Throughout the house are touches that were added to make tiny houses very livable: built-in book cases, closet organizers, and of course, the kitchen cabinetry that may have been there for decades.

Brick terraces and chimney, diamond motifs on the garage doors, and yellow formica counters are retro elements to emphasize or refurbish.

Lawn covers most of the fenced 2,927 square foot yard, which means simple maintenance (though obviously not when we're dealing with water restrictions), and enough space for a few veggies, next year. In the meantime, you can plan and plot out next year's garden - while enjoying the views of the Sound.

· 9034 View Ave NW [Windermere]