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The five most affordable homes in Maple Leaf right now

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We scoured the listings in Maple Leaf to see what's available and found five condos all under $320K

We browsed the listings to find five affordable homes in Maple Leaf. All are condos - and a few are eerily similar.

Located close to Lake City Way means easy access to plenty of services, many of which are probably within walking distance considering the Walk Score of 82. The unit is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 646 square foot condo that was built in 1982. It was probably easier to build real wood-burning fireplaces back then. Now, the $190,000 space has the basic amenities, plus a bedroom window with angled panes that approximate a garden window. Your houseplants may thank you. Nice bed. I wonder if we'll see it again.

It may not be in the mall, but you can see it from here. This 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 744 square foot unit sits within sight of Northgate Mall, a convenient feature for folks with lots of shopping to do, or for people who work there. Being close to the park and ride is a bonus. For $204,000, they're offering a top floor unit that doesn't have a neighbor on one side. The quiet can be worth a lot. It was built in 1979, which is also the listed date of the last remodel, but something must have been replaced since then. Whatever you need is probably just a walk away. You may want to pay for delivery, though.

Another top floor unit, this time for only $6,000 more, $210,000. Like above, it is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo, but with only 630 square feet. Being close to I-5 means listening out your window may be more informative than listening to the traffic reports. The ceilings are vaulted, so you get more volume for you money. The bedroom may look familiar, but that's probably because you've seen that bed before.

Jump the price up to $299,000, which is still relatively affordable in Seattle's market, and get a jump in rooms to 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, plus a jump in square footage to 1,185. Another top floor unit, maybe there's a wave of people moving up and then out. Even though the condo was built in 1979, marble has been introduced as has stainless steel. Maybe it's a Maple Leaf thing, but there's that bed again. Either there was a sale on them, they've been photoshopped in, or some stager is offering a deal if you use them.

Buy in as they're remodeling this 1990 condo and you effectively get a new place, or at least new-ish with new stainless steel appliances. Despite being smaller than the next cheapest one (880 square feet), not being on the top floor, and having the top price of the five, $318,000 it still manages to include 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. At least it has a different bed.

· 1740 NE 86th St APT 206 [Zillow]
· 9416 1st Ave NE APT 412 [Zillow]
· 9512 1st Ave NE APT 406 [Zillow]
· 9710 5th Ave NE APT 504 [Zillow]
· 132 NE 95th St APT B208 [Zillow]