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Olson Kundig will drop a 10-ton ice cube in Occidental Park

Imagine the cocktail that could use such a cube.

What would you do with a ten ton block of ice?

On September 9th, Olson Kundig and Design in Public are hosting an event that can be boiled down to a massive ice cube plunked down in Occidental Park. No refrigerators. No special housing. Just a chunk of ice big enough for a giant’s cocktail left to sit in the elements as it shifts from solid to liquid to vapor. Watching it could be like watching paint dry, grass grow, or the stars shift - and that’s possibly the point.

Seattle is one of the few cities in the world where people can sit beside the ocean, look up at glaciers, and get rained on. Water swings through cycles and sometimes the best way to demonstrate that is to do something really big really close to a lot of people.

So, how long will it take to melt (let alone evaporate)? No one knows for sure. Check out Cliff Mass’ blog where they’re collected estimates. Think it’s easy? Cubes melt differently than spheres. Ice indoors melts differently than ice outdoors. Sunshine obviously has an effect but wind and rain can do a lot, too.

As it melts, they hope to create something appealing, and if the day’s too hot, something cooling. We hope someone brings a time-lapse camera. It is an opportunity for some unique videos. Of course, if we can do it here, anyone can do it anywhere. How about a race? Seattle, Phoenix, and Fairbanks all start at the same time - some summer.

Of course, if a giant dropped by and needed a massive mint julep, the show would be over very quickly. Know a Sasquatch that needs a drink?