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Judkins Park light rail station will honor Jimi Hendrix

The station features murals of Hendrix from various points in his life and career.

When the Judkins Park Station opens in 2023, it will honor some guy from Seattle named Johnny Allen Hendrix, otherwise known as Jimi Hendrix.

Hewitt Architecture and Sound Transit presented artwork and designs for the elevated light rail station to the Seattle Design Commission last Thursday and they feature murals of Hendrix from various points in his life and career.

Hendrix grew up in the Central District and many of the places he used to hang out remain, but there are never enough reminders of where one of the world’s greatest guitarists came from.

The Central District station, located at Rainier & 23rd avenues, will be the first stop on the impending East Link light rail line that will eventually connect Seattle with Bellevue and Redmond. The station’s design is reportedly 90 percent complete and construction could begin as soon as next spring.

Per CHS, the commission approved the designs on the condition that architects return later to offer alternatives to various gateway issues they see that could be problematic. The commission also wants to see some of the station’s design elements “toned down.”


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