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$595K Vashon manor includes inglenooks you never knew you needed

Take a chill off by settling in beside a fireplace with inglenooks, while you look up what an inglenook is

A woodstove sits inside a blackened fireplace as if it was an upgrade to a hundred year old house; but the fireplace probably isn't older than the build date for the house, 1992. The effect defines the rest of the 2,180 square foot two story in Paradise Valley on Vashon Island. Get a bit of old New England for $595,000.

A pair of brick walls funnel guests to the covered front porch. Wood siding, a shake roof, and plenty of dormers continue the old country home style; which is appropriate because the house sits on 2.8 acres of mixed open and wooded land.

Inside, there are 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms that sit in those dormers. They've also included some reading niches and window benches. Arched brick fireplaces are in two places, a room that could be in a cellar, which should get cozy with a fire in all that masonry; and in the country kitchen, where cooking on the stove top might vent nicely - if they designed for that. Recesses around the fireplace are called inglenooks, a factoid to use as a conversation starter during the inevitable party. Tile floors cover radiant heat, so you aren't relying on the woodstoves or fireplaces unless the power goes out.

Outside, the acreage includes a garden wrapped in wire fencing; otherwise the veggies would simply be bunny and deer food. A custom pond provides a place to sit and maybe cool your toes. An artist studio sits beside the deck, a bit of solitude and quiet - or a way to keep noisier and messier art action outside the otherwise quiet house.

Settle in, make some art, grow some veggies, and if gets a bit chilly, take your pick of places to warm yourself by a fire.

· 11238 SW 212th Place, Vashon [Windermere]