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Stone34 completes Seattle’s Deep Green Pilot Program

The Wallingford building is the first commercial building to do so

The corner of Stone Way and 34th Street has come a long way from when it was just a place to grab a Subway sandwich. Stone34, home to Brooks Running’s HQ, has helped to remake this as one of the trendiest hubs of activity in North Seattle. It’s also the first commercial building to complete Seattle’s rigorous Deep Green Pilot Program (a.k.a. Living Building Pilot Program).

The program was established in 2009 to encourage the use of sustainable development strategies in construction. Stone34 was required to curb energy and water usage by 75 percent, and reuse 50 percent of captured storm water as well as achieve 12 out of 20 of the imperatives outlined in ILFI’s Living Building Challenge. For agreeing to meet these standards, developers were allowed an additional 15 percent in buildable area above normal zoning laws.

The 132,293-square-foot commercial office building, developed by Skanska USA, designed by LMN Architects, and jointly owned by Laird Norton Properties and Unico Properties LLC, officially surpassed the energy, water, and stormwater-reuse requirements outlined in the program over a 12-month performance period.

Anchor tenant Brooks Running was also required to make pledges as part of the program and they took that pledge so seriously they encouraged employees to think about sustainability in and out of the workplace.

Employees were encouraged to compost, shorten showers with the help of smart timers, and manually adjust window treatments to maintain a comfortable building temperature, among other behaviors. These actions not only contributed to the successful completion of this milestone but have the power to create lifetime behavior changes both at work and home.

The building is also LEED Platinum certified but you probably already figured that.