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Relax in a remodeled farmhouse with acreage for $650K

See a house that has bounced back in style, it may have even executed a flip in the process

Here's a piece of history, a 1914 farmhouse sitting on 23 acres in Kent. Between then and now, a lot has happened to the house and the area, which is probably why they're asking $649,950 for a two story.

Look at the stats and it is basically a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom Craftsman. Maybe it started at its current 1,953 square feet; but considering the remodeling, who knows what's original. Now, it is a house with country style built in, but with modern touches like granite counters, a copper sink, and a new old-fashioned bath tub. Claw foot is appealing (until you're trying to find the soap you dropped under it), but it doesn't have to be old. New can be quite comfortable. The recently added step-in shower may get used more, though.

There's more square footage outside, particularly on a back deck big enough for dances. Instead of a picket fence around the yard, there's something similar around the deck and the front porch; plenty of room for lounging and relaxing without getting messy by playing in the grass.

As for lawn, there's plenty of it. With 23 acres and the requisite red barn, some of the original farmhouse farm feel remains. If you buy it, it is up to you to decide whether the split rail fences are ornamental or functional. You'll probably have to supply your own livestock or buy a big mower.

Another bit of history worth checking out is the previous sales. According to Zillow, the property sold in 2012 for $260,000, which is less than half the current asking price; and for only $65,000 in 2014. Does a flip explain the remodels?

As with any house, the neighbors will know the story, or have made one up. One neighbor that may make noise but have nothing constructive to say is the local airfield, Crest Airpark, a bonus if you have a plane.

· 29224 Thomas Rd SE, Kent [Zillow]