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Port Townsend Victorian from 1879 asking $1.35M

This house is older than Washington State

In 1879, there was no such thing as Washington State. There was, however, Washington Territory, and within that you could find the town of Port Townsend. Within Port Townsend, you could find the house at 1519 Washington Street, which still stands today. It's also up for sale, asking $1.35M.

Located at the edge of the ridge overlooking the ferry terminal and Puget Sound beyond that, this house has seen significant changes, not just around it but also from within. Ornate fixtures out front and inside still mark the era and a small white picket fence doesn't seem out of place with what the property might have look like so many years ago.

Inside, things don't look like they did in 1879 and that's probably a very good thing. There's certainly some architectural details and custom finishes that remain but a renovation along the way updated the main rooms and brought a fresh perspective to the bright space with big windows. Rooms like the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath take vintage ideas and bring them forward with modern appliances and materials.

We're thinking the sauna wasn't there over a 100 years ago but it's certainly part of the deal now. Out back, a gorgeous backyard and garden lead towards the edge of the property. You can just feel what it must be like to sit on that block patio with a cool drink on a sunny day and take it all in. No wonder they kept this place around so long.
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