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Three chances to create Seattle-area public art

Lana_aka_BADGRL via Flickr

While we might have a love-hate relationship with a few pieces here and there—hello, Typewriter Eraser, Scale X—artists have a crucial role in how we experience our built environment. Ever danced on Dancers’ Series: Steps and wondered how to get your art put into a public sidewalk?

Here are four opportunities for the right artist to become part of the Seattle landscape.

First Hill column painting

It can get dreary underneath a freeway—and one way to brighten it up is with painted columns, like the fish and dragonflies that decorate Jackson St underneath I-5. The First Hill Improvement Association is looking for someone to paint similar columns that hold I-5 aloft above Cherry St and James St. The application deadline is 5 p.m. on January 23.

Yesler Terrace Artist Works program

Seattle Housing Authority is in the process of completely redeveloping Yesler Terrace—including new parks, streets, and other public spaces—and needs artists that can work with staff, stakeholders, and community to develop artwork, then implement and install it. The deadline to apply is February 1; you can read about the previous Yesler Artists here.

NE 8th St Trail Crossing in Bellevue

4Culture is looking for an artist or artists with experience in design team projects and integrated art to inject some creativity into a pedestrian bridge. The overpass would cross over a busy roadway and connect commuters to the Wilburton light rail station. The deadline is 4 p.m. on January 30.

First Hill Improvement Association seeks artists for painting columns under I-5 [FHIA]