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Seahawks fans shook the stadium

Geek out on quake data from Saturday’s game

Eric P. (Flickr)

It’s good to have geeks in the area. Seismologists from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network collected and have provided data from the Seahawk’s playoff game last Saturday. Seattle’s fans are reliable. They shook the place.

Not a surprise, fan reactions to the defense stopping the Lions on 4th and 1, and the offense scoring a touchdown were big moments. The other plays the scientists highlighted were the 26 yard and 32 yard runs by Rawls, and the 42 yard catch by Baldwin.

Sort through it yourself to find your favorite play, or maybe just be proud of Seattle spirit showing up strong enough to shake the stadium, shake the neighborhood, and provide some data on a big building on a lot of landfill in the larger earthquake zone that is our home.

If you want to truly geek out, you can check out each sensor and play it back; or wait for the scientific reports to get written and published.

Now, if only we could get the seismologists tickets to every playoff game (including the Super Bowl?). They may not need the data, but they deserve seats at the games.