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Redwood announces closing date—for real this time

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“It has been mind boggling for us to not really know”

Beloved neighborhood dive Redwood has been a known casualty around Capitol Hill for quite some time now. The first major announcement came in 2014—their lease was up in December 2015, so we’d have another year or so to say our goodbyes.

December 2015 came and went, and Redwood stayed there, which felt like a weird kind of miracle in a city where someone loses their favorite bar, cafe, or record store about once a week. But last week, Capitol Hill Seattle reported on a design review on a seven-story, mixed-use building that’s going up where Redwood is now.

So this week, Redwood posted to their Facebook page to give a sad, final closing date, two years after the original estimate: November 16, 2017.

Well its official, Devoted Redwood Regulars, and those who think we are closed already....Ive always promised a date of closure, and I could not give one as we were "waiting for wrecking ball" So, we have been going on 6 month lease extensions. (one of the reasons for it taking so long was the first developer sold it to another developer) It has been mind boggling for us to not really know but this has passed and we can now pick a date: NOVEMBER 16TH 2017. Will be the official last day of the current Redwood and all its leaky charms and 12 years of history will stand. It kinda feels good knowing this, and its 10 months of knowing, so we hope to enjoy it to the max. Thank you all for the inquires and concerns and sticking by us and trying that handle to see if it still opened. We hope to see all good familiar faces from the past to say goodbye and hope to meet a bunch of new faces too! We can try to have a lot of fun in the next 10 months donchyathink? xxox

We always kind of knew our time with Redwood was fleeting—the first closure rumors started back in 2012, owners Lisa and Mat Brooke told Capitol Hill Seattle that they weren’t sure of their bar’s future after their four-year lease runs out. (They have since moved to Port Angeles.) But it’s a bummer to see Redwood’s time in limbo finally catching up to us.