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State bill would allow Washingtonians to grow their own weed

You could grow potted pot!

Unclever monkey

Despite being, along with Colorado, one of the first two states to legalize marijuana, we somehow ended up behind on a few things—like how late we were to open retail stores. Another sticking point: We still don’t allow private citizens to grow their own pot at home.

A bill sponsored by Rep. Sherry Appleton (D-23) in the Washington State House would allow a small grow operation in your backyard.

If passed as written, HB 1092 would allow anyone 21 years of age or older to grow up to six marijuana plants per person at a time—up to 12 per household. Additionally, anyone of age can be in possession of up to 24 ounces of legally-grown pot, with a limit of 48 ounces per residence. (For those unfamiliar with how cannabis weight translates to volume: This is a very large amount of pot.) Medical marijuana patients can currently grow up to six, depending on their authorization.

Appleton also sponsored a bill, along with Rep. Mike Chapman (D-24) and Laurie Dolan (D-22), to remove the state cap on the total number of licensed recreational marijuana retailers.

This could be great news for those with a green thumb that want to DIY their high, but the bill was just introduced on Wednesday, so it still has a long way to go before it can become law.

If it passes, though, maybe keep it out of your front yard if you want to actually harvest it—it’s not like it’s rhubarb or anything.