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A tiny house on a big lot with a view of Canada lists for $399K

Do you like your 2x4s covered or exposed?


Take your pick. Either celebrate the minimalist’s minimalism of this tiny 360 square foot house by enjoying the use of the exposed 2x4s as shelving, or take on the relatively small task of installing some insulation and wall boards to make the place a bit cozier visually and thermally. In either case, be prepared to negotiate with the $399,000 price that gets you much more than a view cabin the woods.

West side views are in demand. This property sits on the west side of San Juan Island. It is so far west that the Canadian border is closer than the State ferry terminal in Friday Harbor. Rather than thin the trees, the builders in 1988 left the forest largely untouched; but sited the house for a gap view. Shade and protection from the wind, yet able to watch the whales go by, if you have the appropriate optics.


Comforts of home like regular plumbing, heat, and electricity are available. That can’t be assumed in tiny houses, but they’ve fit everything into this tiny A-frame. The master suite of this one bedroom, one bathroom house sits upstairs in a loft that probably also collects the heat from the propane fireplace downstairs. It looks like there’s an electric heater for a boost.


Tiny houses don’t try to put everything inside. This one has a relatively large screened entry porch that can also act as mudroom and gear locker.


One contributor to the price is the five acre lot. It may be difficult to garden under the trees; and the slope is steep enough that even such a tiny footprint of a house required stilts. The value may be that San Juan Island can be quiet. The west side can be quieter. That much land puts the neighbors and their noises farther away. The ability to retreat to quiet may be the greatest luxury.

One last thing. Enjoy the fact that the price is now $300,000 less than its listing price from 2010. A bargain, relatively speaking.