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Seattle Womxn March was seventh largest in U.S.

You probably knew someone who was in it

Womxns March Seattle

If you weren’t in it, you probably know someone who was just based on population alone. Seattle’s Womxn’s March took place on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Marches took place across the country and around the world. The final numbers aren’t in, and there may never be any official totals, but it was one of the largest peaceful demonstrations in history.

The 3.6 mile march started at Judkins Park and ended at Seattle Center. The low estimates are for at least 120,000 people. The high estimates reached to 175,000. It wasn’t just Seattle-ites because people flowed in from throughout the region. To put it in perspective, Seattle’s population is about 685,000. If the marchers had all come from the city, that would be about one-sixth of the residents. As it was it was still more than three percent of the region’s population.

One estimate put the U.S. total at 3.7 million marchers, more than one percent of the nation. Seattle was possibly triple that percentage.

Ranked with other cities the march was seventh largest even though we’re about the eighteenth largest city.

Considering the size, the energy, and passionate intent, it is commendable how peaceful and the event was. Congratulations to everyone who created such a large and impressive event.