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Escala condo in Belltown lists at $3M

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Luxurious living, and an innovative wall bed

NWMLS / Sothebys

Take in the view from high above Belltown. Enjoy a broad, sweeping balcony that gracefully curves along the edge of your 2,442 square foot condominium. Be comfortable knowing you have concierge services that respect luxurious living. After you’ve completed the deal on this $2,995,000 high-rise property.

NWMLS / Sothebys

The style is modern, clean lines, polished materials, and an emphasis on light colors, except in the kitchen.

NWMLS / Sothebys

In the kitchen, they chose slabs of Bottochino marble that sit within dark and streaked wood cabinetry that is polished to a mirror finish. Keep shades available in case it gets too bright.

NWMLS / Sothebys

With two bedrooms and three bathrooms in the space, expect the rooms to be larger than normal, especially in the master walk-in closet. More light-colored wood, impressive storage, and a floor to ceiling mirror create a space to fine tune appearances before heading out to enjoy Belltown’s attractions.

As impressive as many of the features are, one wall unit deserves special attention. It is a wall bed that includes a deck that also fits in with sliding bookcases. Slide the bookcases to the middle, and expose a wall library. Slide the bookcases to the side, and expose a fold-down desk. Stow the desk, and the bed can fold down into the room, with books within arms reach. It is such an efficient use of space that it may be more popular in smaller homes.

The current incarnation is the result of a 2014 remodeling project. That probably wasn’t due to updating, because the unit was built in 2009. Style can be that important to some people.

Style aside, living expenses include a monthly fee of $1,840. Luxury and service have their price.