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Trump Island still for sale at $8.75M

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It’s the most beautiful place, really, none better - and not that Trump


It really is a beautiful place. For someone there will be none better. It’s already great and doesn’t need a wall because it has a natural moat called the ocean. It is Trump Island, a 29.4 acre island for sale in the San Juan Islands. And, as we reported on over two years ago, it isn’t named for the Trump that’s catching all of the headlines. Maybe it is time someone buys it and renames it, just to remove any confusion. All it takes is $8,750,000. Make them a deal. There’s an art to that, you know.

Here’s a refresher and a few more details. Let’s start with what we said before,

“The house is so big it actually includes an entire children's wing with boys, girls and nanny quarters, not to mention a sun room, theater, pool room, bar, wine cellar and butler's pantry. Also situated on the property are a chicken coop, greenhouse, 1,200-square-foot caretaker's cottage, helipad and deep-water dock to accommodate your friends who visit on yachts or seaplanes.“


Keep in mind this is huge, really huge. The square footage inside is greater than many lots in Seattle, 7,029 square feet. That leads to large, spacious rooms, which can be handy if you’re hunkering down longer than you expected while a storm blows through. Usually, waterfront listings include the length of the waterfront. In this case the easier answer is, all of it.


There are six bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, so people don’t have to bump into each other unless they want to. The corner rooms with the views through the trees to the water are particularly appealing for storm watchers.


It was built in 2000, so the style and appliances are relatively new, though probably worth checking for maintenance. The house is equipped with HEPA filters, so maybe that reduces any impact from salt air.


Retreating to an island is appealing, especially if the wine cellar is completely stocked. It may take a few boatloads to fill the cellar and the pantry with everything you need. With that much acreage, you can probably find room to store four years of supplies.


Privacy and seclusion, and particularly that salt water moat have their price. Everything must be shipped in. Fortunately, there’s a dock for that. Power, water, septic, everything else is self-contained which means running generators, operating cisterns, and managing a septic system.

About that price. It was listed at $8.75M, then dropped to $7.75M after about a year and a half, but had a price change back to $8.75M as of January 26th. A missed opportunity.

And, if you really don’t want the name, there’s a process for that. The U.S. Geological Survey manages and maintains the official list of the names for every place in United States. They may be very eager or very hesitant about changing that particular name.