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Seattle City Council votes to give Lake City property to Low Income Housing Institute

LIHI is building low-income housing at the old Fire Station 39 site—plus a preschool!

Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections

In a 7-0 vote, the Seattle City Council approved turning over a property in Lake City to the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) as part of a project that’s been in the works for around six years, since Fire Station 39 moved to its brand-new digs next door. Since the city wasn’t using the old Station 39 property anymore, the city started accepting proposals for low-income housing at the site—eventually landing on a long-term, low-income housing facility operated by LIHI. Today, more than six years later, the City Council gave their OK to transfer the property.

According to the ordinance just passed by Council, the finished project will include at least 70 units of housing—current plans include some family-friendly three-bedroom units in addition to studios and one- and two-bedrooms—a preschool operated by the Refugee Women’s Alliance, and a play area. The most recent design proposal shows a first story with a lobby and the school, five stories of residential units, and a roof deck. 11 units will serve people at 30% and below average median income, and the rest will serve those around 50% and 60%.

The project is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in September 2018.

As the Seattle Weekly’s Casey Jaywork points out, soon after the old Fire Station 39 closed, the site was home to the homeless encampment Nickelsville for about six months.

The Low Income Housing Institute currently operates Urban Rest Stops around the city and the Othello Tiny House village, plus several other low-income housing developments in the greater Seattle area.

Old Fire Station and Former Homeless Camp to Become Preschool and Affordable Housing [SW]


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