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Seattle’s cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods for buying right now

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Which neighborhoods have the least expensive homes—and the most?

An aerial view of Capitol Hill.
Capitol Hill is Seattle’s sixth most-expensive neighborhood by square foot right now, at $661.
Oksana Perkins/Shutterstock

Seattle has fastest-growing home prices in the country—but just how fast depends on the neighborhood. So which areas have the cheapest listings and which ones are off the charts?

Neighborhood-level data and analytics firm Neighborhood X took a look at active, market-rate listings in each neighborhood, save short sales, restricted sales, and foreclosures, and broke them down by price per square foot.

It’s no surprise that the top of the list, at least in terms of averages, is Downtown, at $943 per square foot. Downtown also contains the most expensive listings in the city, soaring up to $2,912 per square foot.

In terms of starting prices, though, a few places have Downtown beat. In South Lake Union, home prices start at $620 per square foot right now—the highest starting prices in the city.

For the cheapest average listing price, you could look to Crown Hill, technically in last place, although there’s not much inventory there to go on. The average listing price in the neighborhood right now is $335 per square foot.

Right above them in Beacon Hill, homes start way cheaper, at $176 per square foot, the lowest starting price in the city. It’s a transitional, gentrifying neighborhood, and prices here waver dramatically, reaching a top end of $719 per square foot. On average, prices are about equivalent to Crown Hill, at $337.

See how various neighborhoods stack up using the interactive chart below. (Having trouble? View the chart here.)