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Amazon set to take over Macy’s building office space

The online giant has leased the top six floors


Just a couple of weeks after news broke that Amazon would be taking over all the office space in Seattle’s second-highest skyscraper, it’s set its sights on a second building in the Downtown retail core: the Macy’s building at 300 Pine Street.

The seven-story building was, until recently, home to eight levels of retail. Macy’s paring down their presence to eventually just the main floor and basement has left the top six floors available. Amazon, Geekwire reports, is taking all of them.

It’s another sign that Amazon intends to grow their presence in Seattle, even as it searches for a second location for a second headquarters.

The building’s first four stories were constructed from 1927 through 1929 as the Bon Marché’s flagship store. A fifth story was added in the early 1930s, and the next two floors were added with the skybridge to the parking garage in the late 1950s. It was designated a Seattle landmark in 1989.

After being purchased by the same parent company as Macy’s in 1992, the Bon was slowly folded into the Macy’s brand, becoming Bon-Macy’s in 2003 and eventually just Macy’s.

The top six floors were sold to Starwood Capital to be used as office space in 2015. Earlier this year, Macy’s announced it’d be closing about 15 percent of their store base over the next few years.