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Supportive apartments for those experiencing homelessness open on First Hill this week

Plymouth on First Hill will open its doors to 77 people

Courtesy of Plymouth Housing Group

The Housing First philosophy is relatively simple on its surface: With basic needs met, like food, medical care, and housing, people are better-equipped to get a job, get clean, or do whatever else they need to do to stay out of homelessness.

This is the approach Plymouth Housing group takes—housing with wraparound services to address specific needs—including a brand-new batch supportive apartments opening on First Hill this week.

The aptly-named Plymouth on First Hill has 77 permanent, supportive apartments—meaning they have a place to live, but they’re not left totally on their own—for people experiencing homelessness. Three more apartments will be devoted to staff.

Courtesy of Plymouth Housing Group

The project specifically caters to people whose homelessness is compounded by critical health needs. They’ve partnered with nearby Harborview Medical Center to provide care on-site, including nursing, integrated medical care, behavioral health, and substance abuse services. “This specialized care will help new residents address complex medical challenges and trauma from years of homelessness so they can leave life on the streets behind for good,” said Plymouth in a release.

The project is located at 710 Cherry Street. Their grand opening is this Friday, October 20 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., including tours of the building.