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Enjoy dome life in a Vashon geodesic

Never lack for conversation starters

Via John L Scott

Why be square? Last century, Buckminster Fuller argued that geodesics were more efficient, and someone on Vashon Island agreed. They also added a few pragmatic tweaks when they built this dome in 1988. Ready for a practical yet unconventional lifestyle?

Domes are great for being easier to heat and structurally strong. Good things to create a sense of security during our storms or while wondering about quakes. Domes can be tougher to furnish and decorate, though. So, they made some modifications. The dome doesn’t reach to the ground. It sits on a vertically-sided round-ish first story. Above, they let in a bit more light through a dormer that breaks the smooth curve of the roof.

Inside, they built a 2,690 square foot living space distributed across three floors. The ceilings are reminders of how high up they are.

The ground floor has a flat ceiling, and looks like one enormous empty bonus room.

The main floor gets almost flat walls and ceilings, interrupted by triangles and trapezoids. It’s the cathedral ceilings in the main entrance that hint at innovative architecture. Much of the room is open and light, another handy feature in our grey winters.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest accommodations to the geometry. They’re bent to fit the exterior wall, and wrap around the cook for a chance at a more efficient work area.

The top floor sees the distinctions between walls and ceilings blend into rooms that are obviously unlike those in the majority of houses, including two bedrooms and two bathrooms. With that much square footage, the rooms can be spacious.

Spacious happens outside, too. The house sits on two and a quarter naturally landscaped acres. Say hello to ferns and cedars.

The grounds also contain a 690-square-foot art studio equipped with a movable wall. Ironically, the architectural style of the creative space that’s beside the innovative dome is a fairly conventional rectangle.

Put it all together for a $585,000 listing. Retreat to the forest, or entertain guests in a voluminous home that never lacks for conversation starters.