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Take a peek at South Lake Union’s Moxy Hotel

King-size beds, exposed-grain wood, and... a selfie elevator?

Courtesy of Moxy

Moxy Hotel opens at the corner of Boren and Republican in South Lake Union—right in the heart of Amazonland—in the next few months. The hotel is the first of Mariott’s Moxy line, a little more affordable and targeted to a younger demographic, on the West Coast.

Moxy takes a kookier look at hotels than the more dignified Marriott, with a brand busy with stuff like calling the general manager the “captain” and decor with slogans lifted right off Etsy.

Seattle’s version of the hotel will have 146 guestrooms, ranging from 195 to 205 square feet, each with a king-size bed, a 42-inch TV (with Netflix and Hulu), and a two-person rain shower.

Like many recent boutique hotels aimed at younger crowds, the interiors take a posh and peppy take on the Old Seattle lumberjack vibe. One exposed wood wall houses the TV and serves as a hanging point for shelves and art.

Opposite, an exposed grain headboard builds in shelves for nightstands, matching a platform bed. Underbed LED lights are motion-activated.

The linens and the opposite wall are more of a muted, slate tone.

A virtual tour of a Moxy space is more up-to-date. (The tour is embedded below, but may not show up for Apple News viewers.)

The hotel will have a 24-hour fitness center and grab-and-go snack bar. Like many apartment buildings targeting similar demographics, it will also feature bike lockers. Elevators will double as selfie stations, complete with props.

The hotel is set to open in late 2017 or early 2018.

This article has been corrected to reflect that the virtual tour is more accurate to the Seattle hotel design.