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Recovery Café, Cornish, and Holland partner up for South Lake Union residential tower

With apartments, office space, and educational space

Courtesy of Recovery Cafe

Surface-level parking lots at Boren and Lenora in South Lake Union is turning into an apartment tower from Holland Partner Group. As part of a partnership with nearby Recovery Café and Cornish College of the Arts, the new building will also house some administrative offices and educational facilities.

As part of the process, Cornish, Recovery Café, and Bellwether Housing sold three adjacent parking lots to Holland. Permit applications for the site describe a 44-story high-rise. More details on the residential aspect of the project are still forthcoming.

Recovery Café provides a support network and educational opportunities for those recovering from addiction and mental health problems. Their Seattle facility is located right across the street, and thanks to their partnership in the new building, they’ll be able to expand their administrative offices when it opens.

Cornish College of the Arts, whose primary campus is spread around South Lake Union, will also make use of some of the space.

Bellwether Housing owns and operates many affordable complexes around the city, including the nearby Olive Tower. They won’t be opening a facility in the new space, but are taking the proceeds from the sale to build affordable housing elsewhere.

The new tower is tentatively scheduled to be completed in 2021.