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Pristine 1966 Ralph Anderson listed for $1.6M

It’s the home’s first time on the market

Ralph Anderson is an iconic Northwest architect, best-known for for revitalizing Pioneer Square. But he left a huge mark on the region with his Northwest contemporary homes, including this four-bedroom Magnolia home from 1966. It’s the home’s first time ever on the market—and apart from a few appliances and a couple of light fixtures, it’s largely untouched from when Anderson originally designed it.

Much of Anderson’s work plays with the peaks of high ceilings, and in this home, that starts before you even walk in the front door. A pattern of exposed wood beams extend past a covered walkway, hinting at the distinct feel of the house while still blending into the surrounding environment.

Once inside, that turns into an exposed-grain vaulted ceiling—and walls to match. Natural materials continue throughout the home, which is part of Anderson’s signature. The vertical-slat walls continue through the foyer and into the formal dining room and the living room, where a tall brick fireplace reaches up into the peak.

The kitchen eating nook revert to more traditional walls, but carry the theme through the ceiling, and through the pillar of a second fireplace.

From here, a large view deck connects to several rooms—and through a pair of French doors, it reaches a master bedroom with a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows that match the roof’s shape.

That bedroom’s closet is so large it looks not unlike a locker room—but a very sleek, modern version.

On the lower level, a den features yet another fireplace, this one held in vertical wood slats not unlike the walls upstairs, bounded below by a bench. Bedrooms on this floor open directly to the backyard.

Like many Anderson homes, the house is designed around Northwest foliage. Sitting on an acre of land, there’s plenty to surround this house in particular.

Anderson homes don’t come cheap—and neither do houses in Magnolia. This one in particular is listed for $1.6 million.