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Houseboat ‘Tsagaglalal’ listed for $259K

Watch Lake Union from this little home

The houseboat Tsagaglalal.
Courtesy of Special Agents Realty

Tsagaglalal, meaning “she who watches,” is the name of a work of Wasco-Wishram art high atop a cliff overlooking the Columbia River. It’s also the name of this little houseboat, sometimes called “Lalal” for short.

This 300-square-foot houseboat’s shape is instantly familiar: A curved roof, slightly elevated at one end. In this case, the higher roof shape holds a covered dock perfect for fall days on the water. This is also where the helm is located—in a little more obvious a configuration than many houseboats. Inside, a kitchen’s wraparound counter gives it a surprising amount of space for this size, and plenty of exposed wood maintains a nautical feeling. In the back, a small bedroom contains a built-in sleeping bunk, nestled under a small window for climbing out on a smaller deck.

Wrap it all in an aluminum hull for a listing price of $275,000, with $650 a month in liveaboard slip rent.

Right at the entrance, this home announces it’s a boat—controls are right out there in the open.
A thoughtfully laid out living, kitchen, and dining area includes plenty of storage to help with the small space.
The kitchen is small, but equipped, with plenty of cabinetry and a decent amount of counter space.
A built-in nook can be a sofa or a guest bed, depending on what it needs to be at the time.
“Not bad” is typically not a phrase used to describe a houseboat bathroom.
You can crawl directly out to a back deck from the sleeping cubby.

Via Special Agents Realty