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5 of the least expensive homes in Ballard

More room inside than outside, no TARDIS required

Via Lake

Ballard is no longer full of old bungalows and craftsmans. There’s a mix that spans from less than a decade old to more than a century. Here are five of the least expensive homes listed. One measure of the hot market is the fact that none have been listed for more than a month.

Via Coldwell Banker

Start with something fairly fresh: a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house built in 2011. They fit all of that into 1,320 square feet and onto a 1,089-square-foot lot. The secret to more room inside than outside is going vertical (no magic or TARDIS required.) Sharing space with the neighbors helps. It is listed at $695,000. Enjoy an outdoor sitting area that has room left over for storage, too.

Via Lake & Co

Go old school and get some classic character. Trim work around the doors and windows, a cute breakfast nook, and a pink bathroom create a period package from 1914. Expect a bit more wiggle room, because the 1,530 square feet only claim one bedroom and two bathrooms. It’s unclear whether the studio apartment below factors into the bedroom count. They’re asking $725,000 for a home that could also be a rental.

Via South Lake

Back to the future, or at least to a more modern home in more ways than one. Again, there’s more room inside (1,445 square feet) than outside (1,250 square feet), a sign of the time when it was built, 2014. Again, it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, like the first house. At least one of the bathrooms is fairly futuristic. Will that shade of brown be considered period eventually? The tall house on a thin lot is offered at $769,000.

Via Sothebys

It looks like a copy of the previous home, but has a few differences. The 1,571-square-foot home was built in 2013 with three bedrooms and four bathrooms on a 1,500-square-foot lot. A larger size and extra bathroom may explain the slightly higher price, $798,000. “Peek-a-boo views of Mt. Rainier” are a nice added touch. Corner windows in several rooms bring in those views, and more importantly in winter, extra natural light.

Via Windermere

Believe it or not, there are houses that are in the middle of this date range, like this one 1988. One sign of the times is a relatively large lot, 5,227 square feet. Even with a three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 1,740-square-foot house on it, there’s enough room left over for a yard and a two car garage. Those extras may explain the extra kick to the price, $861,977. Check out the now-period cabinetry.