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Live by a lighthouse on Gig Harbor’s shore

The swinging hammock is a novel touch

Via K2

Living by a lighthouse doesn’t have to mean some remote post on a faraway shore. A sweet 1960 cabin sits about 300 feet from the Gig Harbor lighthouse. A prime location for watching the boats navigate the passage, and hopefully not hit anything.

The site’s even more nautically appealing than most waterfront properties. On the sound side, there’s 63 feet of shoreline. On the harbor side, there’s another 63 feet of shoreline with a bonus of deep-water moorage. Play in the harbor, commute by boat to Gig Harbor’s waterfront, or head out to sea via the Sound.

It would be easy for a beach cabin to focus all of the fun and the water and the sand, but they added a swinging hammock day bed to the great room. Two stout supports hold up a novel place to lounge that also acts as a room divider. It fits because the room has a nautical theme in gracefully arched beams and pale blue naval accents. With easy views of the water, it could feel like being at sea on a benign day.

Of course, it’s a house, so it is a lot larger than most boats. Three bedrooms and one bathroom fit in 1,255 square feet. Ceiling slats throughout are reminders of the era. Plywood for walls may be more recent, and may also be a hint of projects to come.

The house sits on a 5,400 square-foot lot, finishing the $800,000 listing.

If that’s not enough room, or it would just be nicer to own a bit more of the neighborhood, check out the house next door that’s also for sale. It’s two years newer, and a bit bigger, 2,112 square feet, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Handy for bigger parties and gatherings. The price is $1.2 million; double the fun for a total of $2 million.