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Contemporary treehouse in Ravenna listed for $800K

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Run away to the woods and stay in the city

Steve Hanson, courtesy of Orvis & Orvis

Built into Ravenna Woods hillside, this 1973 contemporary home by Don Sandy gives the impression of a treehouse. It has the benefit of an actual foundation underneath it, but soaring vaulted ceilings, exposed wood, and creative details blend together into something not unlike the traditional backyard clubhouse—only much more luxurious.

Outside, wooden shingles blend the boxy home into its environment. Parts jut out of the hillside, supported by shingle-wrapped columns—a total commitment to the treehouse look.

Inside, tall windows surround the space and bring in the outside greenery. In the living room, a wood-panel fireplace column and dividing wall add to the nature-wrapped effect. One of the home’s many decks looks opens the space to that outside world.

Those themes continue throughout the home. In the master bedroom, which also opens up to a small balcony, a wood-panel accent wall sits adjacent to floor-to-ceiling windows. Another bedroom is more simply topped with exposed-beam vaulted ceilings.

Up a spiral staircase in a lofted attic room, a semi-open slatwall peeks down from the cathedral ceilings of the living room.

At 1,900 square feet, this home also has a lot more room than a typical treehouse. In that space, it fits a total of four bedrooms, plus two full bathrooms. This unique use of a hillside is listed for $799,000.