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Spirit of Skykomish is a 1942 residential caboose

The historic train car was listed for $100K

Courtesy of Kristine Niemi

Stamped on the side with a Great Northern Railway seal and emblazoned with “radio-equipped,” this 1942 caboose sits on 10,000 square feet of land in Skykomish, Washington.

That railroad line ran through the town starting in the late 1800s, and is still a huge part of its heritage—its street signs are shaped like a caboose much like this one—and even its tourist attractions.

This caboose, located just off Stevens Pass Highway, was designed for long-haul trips on that line. When it was retired in 1969, it became a weekend retreat for a railroad worker’s family. The current owner started restoring it in 1989, including the exterior details, and the Snohomish town council gave it the name “Spirit of Skykomish” in 1993.

Think it looks adorable? You’re not alone. The caboose and the land it sits on were listed just last week and already went pending. But we can still take a photo tour through this train car.

While the interior has many convenient features it perhaps didn’t need as a caboose—a kitchenette, for example—details like an oil lamp and an antique phone recall its 1942 birthdate.

The car is just 30 feet long, but still has just enough room for cozy spaces to sleep, lounge, and work.

Original hardware, like piping, is its own decor. Great Northern memorabilia lines the walls for good measure.

One limitation that comes with the size: There’s only half a bathroom. But it’s better than nothing—and certainly it’s enough for weekend ski trips in the winter and summer river adventures.

All together, the train car and land were listed for just $100,000.