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Curbed Cup 1st round results! Beacon Hill beats South Lake Union

Plus: The bracket, revealed!

The first round of voting in our 2017 Curbed Cup is over, and we saw some expected landslides, some exciting upsets, and some nail-bitingly close competitions.

The narrowest victories were scored by Capitol Hill and Fremont, respectively. Capitol Hill went head-to-head against fellow artsy community Georgetown. Despite Georgetown’s deep neighborhood identity, Capitol Hill won out with its fast-moving community organizing and hyper-connected citizenry—but by less than 3 percent.

Fremont, meanwhile, was neck-and-neck with Pioneer Square for the full 24 hours of voting, ultimately leading by less than 4 percent.

Our biggest update so far was just yesterday, when we pitted second-seeded South Lake Union, home of tech giant Amazon, against Beacon Hill. Despite SLU Chamber backing and being densely packed with voracious Internet readers, the 2015 winner lost by a solid margin—and Beacon Hill emerged from the first round for the first time in Curbed Cup history with more than a 30 point lead.

Another small upset: West Seattle’s sub-neighborhoods are apparently much stronger combined. The area won over Belltown, which made the Final Four last year, with more than a 20 point margin.

Other victories were a little clearer. Two-time winner Columbia City led by more than 75 percent against Madrona. Highly nominated First Hill went 60-40 against Ravenna. Ballard’s very enthusiastic residents led to a strong win against the International District. The Central District saw a 10-point victory over Greenwood.

Check the full bracket below. We’ll start Elite Eight voting on Monday!