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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (7) Central District vs. (15) Beacon Hill

Which neighborhood should advance? Cast your vote now!

Courtesy of SDOT

Central District

The Central District pulled ahead of Greenwood last round, bringing it to the same position it held last year: the Elite Eight. Its opponent, Beacon Hill, has more momentum than its had in previous years.

Both the Central District and Beacon Hill are at the center of a lot of gentrification and at a high risk for displacement, taking on a whole lot of Seattle’s growth. But both hanging onto their identities in creative ways.

In the Central District, the Liberty Bank Building and Africatown Plaza are both community-led projects with affordable housing and space for small businesses. Black Dot, now in its second location, provides space for entrepreneurs of color to build their businesses.

The CD is also home to the Umoja Fest parade on 23rd Avenue and festival in Judkins Park—also an activism hub in the city, from May Day to the Womxn’s March, and an arts destination, home to Tuf Fest and others.

While it’s really hard to choose the best neighborhood in Seattle for food, the CD is certainly up there. Writing in to nominate his neighborhood, resident Jacob Lee recommended several spots: “Twilight Exit and Neighbor Lady, Central Pizza, Wood Shop BBQ, Feed Co. Burgers... Central District Ice Cream, Fat's Chicken & Waffles, Nate's Wings and Waffle, Happy Grillmore, Sevenbeef, L'oursin, Ezell's original location, [and] Seattle Fish Guys.”

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill made it past the Sweet Sixteen for the first time in Curbed Cup history, handily beating 2015 champion South Lake Union by more than 30 points. Let’s see if they can keep that momentum going.

Like the Central District, Beacon Hill has been taking a lot of the brunt of Seattle’s growth, and has been at a high gentrification and displacement risk—but the community has been addressing it in creative ways, like a massive transit-oriented development right off the light rail station named for a social justice icon. That’s also the site of many community events.

Jefferson Park is also a popular local gathering space, with everything from arts festivals to outdoor movies.

And as we mentioned last week: Beacon Hill rules for many reasons. Dr. Jose Rizal Park provides green space alongside stunning city views. The Pacific Tower is one of the city’s most iconic Art Deco marvels. It has some of the best tacos in the whole city.

Which neighborhood should advance this week? This poll closes Friday, December 22, at noon, so get those votes in. (Not seeing the poll? Try exiting Apple News or Google Amp.)