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Curbed Cup Elite Eight results! First Hill defeats Capitol Hill

Plus: Congratulations to the Central District, Ballard, and Fremont

This week we saw a battle of hills that are literally right next to each other: Capitol Hill and First Hill. Despite people frequently moving to First Hill to be close to Capitol Hill, the former proved that it’s its own neighborhood with its own identity and horde of loyal followers.

Both neighborhoods had strong champions pushing for victory, and the competition ended up being pretty close. But ultimately, First Hill moved onto the Final Four with just over 51 percent of the vote.

We started out the week with a pretty major upset. Fremont, who last made the finals in 2012, made a power play against two-time champion Columbia City, earning their Final Four spot with almost a 10-point lead.

While we thought West Seattle might be stronger as a cohesive neighborhood instead of as breakouts like Alki and the Junction, it ended up, once again, ending its run in the Elite Eight—with 2012 champion Ballard moving forward in the competition by 20 points.

The last poll to close this week was the Central District versus Beacon Hill. While Beacon Hill had its best Curbed Cup yet this year, that wasn’t enough to move forward to the Final Four, with the CD coming out ahead by about 10 points.

Check the full bracket below, and come back Wednesday and Thursday to vote in the Final Four.