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Bellevue and Medina among most expensive US ZIP codes in 2017

This according to a report by Property Shark

An aerial photo of a waterfront area.
Groat Point in Medina.

Real estate data company Property Shark released their most expensive ZIP codes in the United States this month based on median home sale price, and while Seattle is getting more and more expensive, nowhere in the city limits made the cut. The Eastside, however, is a different matter, with two of the region’s fanciest areas in the top 100.

One Bellevue code barely made the list, ranking 99 in the country’s most expensive ZIPs. But another, even less surprising ZIP code, right next door to that one, ranked No. 22: 98039, which envelops the eastern bank of Lake Washington and contains the incredibly wealthy town of Medina.

98004, with an median sale price of $1.38 million, is a new addition to the top 100 list this year. The area includes not only fancy pants Bellevue neighborhoods like Beaux Arts Village, but smaller wealthy enclaves like Hunts Point, home of billionaire Microsofter Steve Ballmer and the McCaws of McCaw Cellular, and Clyde Hill.

While 98004 houses a couple of billionaires, 98039 is home to the two richest men in the entire world: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. They’re as close on the Forbes 400 list as they are in geographical location, with both their estates situated on the coastal Evergreen Point Road.

Medina made the cut last year, too, but jumped up a few places from 2016; last year, it was No. 35 on the list, with a median sale price of $1.9 million. This year, at $2.59 million, it’s 22nd.

As far as metros go, San Francisco had the most ZIPs on the list, with nine in the top 100. But all those ZIPs were still behind Medina, with the most expensive coming in at No. 42.

At the very top of the list: 94027 in San Mateo County, California, with a median sale price of $4.95 million, and lower Manhattan ZIP code 10013, at $4.1 million.

Evergreen Point Road

Evergreen Point Road, , WA 98039