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Wedgwood house with a muraled master suite listed for $750K

A hand-painted ceiling tops an already-unique space

Courtesy of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty

In Wedgwood just blocks from Matthews Beach Park, this four-bedroom home is cute enough on the surface, with bright shutters and a collection of gables and dormers. The inside, of course, matches, full of wainscoting and hardwoods.

But the crown jewel of the home is really the master bedroom. Located on the top floor under vaulted ceilings and surrounded by wood-panel walls—including built-ins—and exposed beams, it’s like a little cabin all its own. A fireplace only adds to the coziness.

Its most notable feature, though, is a collection of murals painted on the ceiling panels, painted back in the 1940s—soon after the home’s construction—by tenants in the home as part of their payment. At the time, the seller tells us, that room was a common space, not a bedroom.

Its history as a common area help explain the large attached balcony and a closet that looks more like a small room, separated by French doors.

This is not to undersell the rest of the house. On the main floor, cased openings connect the living room, dining area, and kitchen. The kitchen is massive, and connects to a laundry room with adorable Dutch doors.

All the bedrooms are decently sized and feature hardwoods and, in one case, a dynamic, semi-vaulted ceiling.

The finished basement has a separate entrance, perfect for a mother-in-law conversion or someone with a large need for privacy.

An office or bedroom connects to its own back deck, which in turn leads to a large backyard with patios and a firepit.

The home is listed for $749,000.