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Regional transit projects for 2040 almost funded

“Almost enough” will be enough to kick off tons of projects

Tom Trimbath

All of those ballots, elections, and initiatives made a difference in the plans for our region’s transportation system.

“In the last two years alone, the previous Transportation 2040 plan budget shortfall was reduced by 25%, thanks to Connecting Washington, Sound Transit 3, Kitsap Transit’s Fast Ferry Plan, and other voter-approved local road and transit initiatives.“ - Puget Sound Regional Council

The Regional Council has tracked a long list of projects that are attempting to dethrone us from our title of one of the worst places for commuting. That’s not an easy task because our growth happened more quickly than infrastructure could be built. The council is assuming an extra one million people in the area by 2040, which agrees with other estimates.

If it seems like we have a confusing mass of transit options and initiatives that’s because we do. The complete report includes improvements for highways, commuter trains, light rail, ferries, bicycles, and pedestrians. About the only things they didn’t include were the (unfunded) possibilities for driverless cars and bullet trains.

While the study is optimistic, its basis remains that there’s a shortfall that must be met. The other major assumption is that we have a good idea of what 2040 will look like. Look back about that same amount of time and Amazon was one guy who had just moved to the area with a crazy idea.

Puget Sound Regional Council

For those who enjoy deciphering colored dots and squiggles on maps, dive into the full presentation. For rest, expect construction nearly everywhere, and more ballot measures, too.