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‘Shiny Tiny’: a bright idea for a tiny house on wheels

Get into metal, for an innovative tiny house

Tiny House Listings

A corrugated metal shell for a tiny house on wheels is innovative enough, but that’s only the most visible innovation. The rest are directed at making this far more eco-friendly and healthy than most. As they say in the listing:

“No plywood, plastic, drywall or paint was used in the house construction so there has been no toxic material off-gassing. The house is designed and built to be an all-natural, breathable and mold-resistant home.“

Tiny House Listings

The several inches of insulation in the ceiling, floors, and walls are sheeps’ wool. The flooring is bamboo.

Outside, there’s a rainwater gathering system, and a series of solar panels. Inside, there’s a composting toilet, which is convenient in a tiny house, but which some also consider more environmentally conscious. The half-fridge is mounted for efficiency by being placed in the wall so it can radiate to the outside.


Some of the innovations will be more apparent in daily life. There are two lofts, each large enough for a king-size bed. One is reached by a ladder, which is typical. The other is reached by a set of stairs, something very handy in the middle of the night. One of the two even has a six foot peak height, no need for most folks to stoop. A full-size bathtub is uncommon in tinies. This one has one, and it can be converted into a bench, a simple feature that’s rarely exercised.

Tiny House Listings

For the numbers, it has a one bedroom (they may consider the other loft to be storage), one bathroom, with a total of 236 square feet, with 140 square feet being on the main floor.

The other key number is the price, $39,500. People who want or need that level of environmental consciousness may find that a small price, especially if they have allergies. People who want to be debt-free may also be drawn to it, regardless of the innovations.

Take a walk through the home in the video below.

This post has been updated since its original publication to update a link and add the video.