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Emma the houseboat listed for $185K

A tiny houseboat at a tiny price

A small floating home with French doors, docked Special Agents Realty

This little home checks a lot of boxes: Tiny. Cabin-like interior. French doors. Is literally a boat. Where else can you find a loft and a rooftop deck in Seattle for less than $200,000?

The home, dubbed “Emma,” has more of a traditional boat design than many floating homes, so you get that full skipper lifestyle in a little, 406 square foot package. It’s described as a bit of a “fixer,” but with a little work the right person can build the floating home of their dreams.

A small living room on a boat with French doors and multiple windows. All the walls are wood. Special Agents Realty
A small kitchen on a boat. A ladder leads up to the bedroom loft. Special Agents Realty
A houseboat window looks out on Lake Union Special Agents Realty
Emma the Houseboat, viewed from the side. Blue base with a white top. Can see the shape of top loft. Special Agents Realty

The living area is full of windows, bringing out the warm tones in the wooden walls. A wood stove keeps the boat cozy. The small kitchen takes care of the basics—a sink, a stove, a fridge—and not much else.

The bedroom window crawls right out onto the roof deck for easy access to crisp, morning air.

Slip rent at the current site in Wallingford near Gas Works Park is $920 a month, with room for another, smaller, boat. But that’s the great thing about boats: If you’re not attached to the location, you can eventually float on down to somewhere else.