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Stone Gossard sells Seattle home for $885K

See inside the Pearl Jam guitarist’s three bedroom bungalow

A small, goldenrod-colored 1918 home with a deep red trim. Windermere

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard just sold his three bedroom home in Ravenna for $885,000, a full $120,000 above asking. The listing didn’t advertise the celebrity status, but the house is incredibly cute, with well-maintained historic details—plus a basement studio.

Gossard bought the house in 1992, right after the success of Peal Jam’s debut album, Ten, for $230,000, when the median home price in the area was $198,000. (The median home price in Ravenna is now around $726,000.)

This home is not for you, unless you’re the one that bought it—but thanks to the recent listing, we at least get to take a look inside the 1918 bungalow.

A living area with an arched doorway leading to some built-ins. A fireplace with white stone and a dark wood mantle is along the wall to the right.
A corner of a tiled room features a built-in pantry. A bathroom is to the left, a room with hardwood floors to the right.
The back wall of a living area features French doors leading to a small office
A dining room with a built-in hutch and an arched doorway leading back to the living room

The home features the archways, built-ins, hardwood floors, and French doors typical of the time. While it’s well-maintained, it hasn’t been upgraded much—even some period doorknobs are still in place. The kitchen may quite possibly still have the same appliances that came with it in 1992.

Most of the customization appears in the basement, which features a small, corner stage with parquet flooring, and what appears to be a small isolation booth.

A basement with a parquet floor stage. A door is in the back.
The view from the porch shows stone landscaping and a red picket fence

Outside, the house is bookended by a landscaped stone patio in the front and a slightly more wild, ivy-filled backyard.

$885,000 is a chunk of change, but Gossard likely didn’t get any star treatment in this sale. It sold 14% above median in 1992, and Zillow puts Ravenna’s median home value at $726,200—or about 15% below this home’s sale price—today.