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Artistry defines a pair of Vashon homes

Even the floors are works of art

An open living room and dining area with exposed beams and a tile wave motif on the floor Keller Williams

An artistic touch makes this much more than a four bedroom, two and three-quarter bathroom house on Vashon Island. A cottage doubles the effect.

Someone knew more about laying tile than simply getting everything lined up. The entry is embellished with a diamond of similar tiles, but that’s just the start.Notice the live edge pillars, exposed ceiling beams, and fireplace set beside a wall of glass that protects in winter and opens in better weather.

A brown-tiled house with two stories and an upper balcony. Green trim on windows.
A living room with exposed ceiling beams, French doors and a stone fireplace
A dining room with a wave motif on the floor. A small wooden table with four chairs around it in center of photo. Two windows look to the outside.

A more impressive tile mosaic swirls out from the wall as a visual separation between the living and dining rooms, a distinction made without anything physical taking up space. The way the spirals wrap around the pillar is a hint that this house has not been treated as just a box to sleep in.

The three-quarter bathroom also gets the tile treatment. The walls may evoke a Roman feel, but the floor of the shower shows flourish in the mosaic.

A tiny cottage supplements the main house. Whether it is the quest quarters, a rental, or a retreat, the extra building has a similar attention to detail. The doubled and gapped ceiling beams are a simple way to add functional design with a flair.

The exterior of an orange cottage with green trim and multiple roof peaks
A small cottage living room with a wood stove, vaulted ceilings, and a peaked window
A bedroom with a large window on the right wall and a slightly vaulted ceiling with a peaked window straight ahead. A ceiling fan with a light is in the center of the room, above a simple bed.

All of that fits on a 1.85 acre lot for a price of $675,000, inexpensive compared to some works of art.