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Retreat to a modernized A-frame in Kittitas County

A cabin on the outside, a modern home on the inside


From the outside, it seems like so many other tiny A-frame houses: a pragmatic design for mountain weather, a steep steel roof instead of siding, and maybe some rudimentary furnishings inside. That’s half right.

Inside, the home is far from rudimentary. The kitchen looks brand new and would fit into any urban home. Stainless steel appliances, modern lighting and plumbing fixtures, and a counter top that is decoratively textured with tiles. Add the glass display cabinets and create a space that’s just barely rustic.

One bedroom in 848 square feet means plenty of space. Because it sits in the loft, the bedroom pulls in the view from the apex of the front wall of windows. Instead of a ladder or steep stairs, access is via a curved staircase from the back of the kitchen. Midnight snacks are close at hand.

A stone tile shower is the main feature of the three-quarter bathroom. Incorporated into the general layout are decorative niches for soap and supplies.


It all sits on a sloped quarter acre lot with a mix of natural landscaping (big trees) and a few decorative garden touches, all low maintenance. That leaves more time to enjoy the two decks, the firepit (conditions permitting), and a hot tub.

The tiny $249,950 home may have been built in 1971, but it has been brought forward forty years or so. A bit of modern mixed in with nature.