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Grow with Mount Vernon in a $148K tiny house

A remodeled 1924 craftsman embodies the classic style


A tiny, 680 square foot house on a 3,072 square foot lot adds up to a tiny price ($148,000), especially when the package sits in Mount Vernon.


Some craftsman may have built this craftsman, back when the style hadn’t been named yet. From the cute front porch, to the neat wood trim and paint, and the peaked roof, the house embodies the classical style. It was built in 1924 when the town was only a tenth its current size. Now, the one bedroom, one bathroom house finds itself in a city that’s starting to see businesses move in, traveling up the I-5 corridor from Seattle.

Originally, it may have had wood heat. Now, it’s been switched to gas. The rest of the living room could be original. Details in the lintels atop the windows, front door, and the room divider are low-tech, timeless choices.


Marble tile counters and new cabinets fit in with the modern appliances. The double windows can help exchange a lot of air quickly, in case the cooking gets a bit smoky. Glass display cabinets make it easier to find things or show off precious pieces.


A niche built into the cabinets for a small microwave is a nice, modern touch. More customization shows up in spice drawers and open shelving. Some things should be easy to reach when the chef gets busy.

A small dining area connects the living room to the kitchen, perfect for serving hundreds of holiday meals.

With all this space for cooking, lounging, and entertaining, it’s no surprise the one bedroom in the home is tiny. While it is empty now, the room is a good example of the original design, and the quality of the recent remodel. A sweet package.