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Unconventional and historic in Everett

Artistic brickwork and arches set this 1928 house apart

Sarah Vanausdoll

Even from the curb, this brick house from 1928 distinguishes itself with original, artistic brick work. From the chevron capped entry to the two-tone accents to the scalloped roofline, pieces were put in place that sets this house apart.

This unconventional house is notable enough to be recognized by the Everett Historical Commission, according to the listing.

Step inside the $374,950 one story and find arches and soft corners throughout. The living room ceiling is a seamless and graceful curve from wall to wall. Over the wood-burning fireplace, the mantel is a large trapezoid with a rounded base. The similarly shaped mirror must be a custom fit. Entries to the other rooms are also arched, including the passages with doors.

Sarah Vanausdoll

The formal dining room has more rectangular coved ceilings, but the entrances retain their curves.

A light tone colors the kitchen that is broad enough for lots of foot traffic. White appliances, light wood cabinets, and light grey counters and back splash keep the room bright.

Sarah Vanausdoll

There are two bedrooms in the 1,390 square-foot space. Not all of the doors are curved. Some conventionality snuck in, but even there the historic aspects are apparent with glass door knobs and a hexagonal tile mosaic for the floor of the one bathroom.

Historic homes can hold mature landscaping. The 4,792 square-foot lot has shade trees that produce broad patches of protection, in season; rhododendrons that have become accustomed to their place, and an assortment of perennials that have worked well together for decades. Mow a bit, weed a bit, and be glad that much of the work was done long ago.

Thanks to the proximity of the waterfront, the community college, and the golf course, there’s also plenty to do in the neighborhood.