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Cute and tiny La Conner cabin lists at $170K

A 378 square foot studio with a studio sounds just right for artists


West views across salt water, an artsy address in La Conner, and a 6,799 square-foot lot sounds like a hefty investment. But with a 378 square foot cabin in the right spot, the price drops to $170,000. Some conditions may apply.

This tiny, cute cabin perched on a bluff has what would probably be a million dollar view if it was in Seattle. Instead, the studio sits in a veil of trees with with the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom, all sharing the same view; no room is left out.

Take note of the all-wood construction, various tones and types that provide the details of the interior. The floor’s dark wide planks contrast with the lighter walls and ceiling, which blend into beveled cabinetry.


The corner with the wood stove will get a lot of traffic because the house is heated with wood. A lot of trees go into and through this cabin. Check to see if that’s a dutch door beside it, a nice way to keep the kids and pets inside while letting fresh air in.


It may not be visually appealing, but fitting a laundry into such a tiny space is a major accomplishment as well as a luxurious convenience. The main price is having the appliances share the bathroom. Regardless of the practicality, the quality of the wood work continues.

Being that close to nature, it’s natural that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors. A covered front porch can act as a mudroom, a full length deck provides gallery seating for sunsets, and garden beds line the decking. The rare joy is private access to the beach which provides access to Skagit Bay and the world beyond.

A bonus is another, separate building that could be storage or an artist’s studio.

One thing that enables the affordability for this 1950 cabin is the location; the property sits on the Swinomish Reservation and is on year five of a 50 year lease.