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Pair up a log lodge and equestrian event center

Why house one horse when you can house a herd?


Log house fans, take a look at this 4,094 square foot lodge that was built in 1978.

Horse lovers, look below for a gallery of barns and arenas that only you may appreciate.

The combination is priced at $4,750,000, and you get a lot for the money.


Starting with the house, the massive stone fireplace and living room lined in logs is a good introduction to the feel of the house. There’s no need to temper the tone. The logs are bold, as are the rocks, as both reach up to a vaulted ceiling.


One log extends into the kitchen where there’s the greatest nod to modernity in the stainless steel appliances and now-conventional slab counters; but the stone tile floor is a reminder that the foot traffic may be muddier than in most homes.


At least the master bedroom of the three bedroom, three bathroom house returns to the log construction. When the trees are that obvious, it is hard to call them part of a motif.


If one house isn’t enough, try a total of three in this package that is so large that details of the other houses are hard to find.

Now for the horses. They get to enjoy, ride, and compete on over fifteen acres that are much more than pastures and fences. Keeping track of the barns and outbuildings is as hard as keeping track of the houses. Simplify it by noticing there are dozens of stalls, a hay loft (only one?), covered arenas, pastures, and even two hospital paddocks.

Add in the flat terrain, graveled drives capable of handling trucks, and parking lots bit enough for lots of trailers or an enormous party and create a unique property.