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Church and ‘private compound’ in Burien listed for $950K

Live and work on two thirds of an acre

The front of a church with a dog running in a yard far ahead in the foreground. A double rainbow is in the sky above. Andrea Maki

Living in a converted church is pretty cool. Living on the better part of an acre with a church, a house, a barn, and a garage is incredible. Billed as a live-work opportunity, the whole lot is listed for $950,000.

A large church with narrow windows Seattle Dream Homes
The interior of a church with high, wooden, curved ceilings with exposed beams

The former church features gorgeous, high wood ceilings with exposed beams, and while clearly built as a religious structure, has some period details like long, tinted windows. Operating as Seattle Trinity Chapel since 1993, in recent years, it’s found new life as an artist’s studio and part-time gallery thanks to previous resident Andrea Maki.

Although the centerpiece of the property is the church, a two-bedroom farmhouse with a wide front stoop, built in 1935, is cute enough without its help. Large, cased openings connect the common areas. With two bedrooms, one and a half baths, and 1,090 square feet, the residential part of the property is not an afterthought.

A small, white farmhouse with a beamed front stoop and a peaked roof. A car is in a carport to the left. Seattle Dream Homes
The interior of a house features a dining table. Two chairs are visible. Another smaller table with two chairs is visible through a wide causeway.

A former church has the potential to be a lot of things. You could start a dance studio, or an art gallery, or even make it a church again—the sky’s the limit.