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A tiny house in Tahuya lists for $60K

Getting away from it all costs less in a tiny house


With a $60,000 price tag and only 120 square feet, this sounds like a trendy tiny house on wheels. Not this time.

This two story cabin was built in 1990 in Tahuya—about 90 minutes from Seattle, 30 minutes from Belfair, and as close to nature as possible without sleeping outside.


In a place so small, a simple thing like the wood stove can be a centerpiece. They treated it that way creating a sweet stone surround for a traditional, somewhat pot-bellied stove that could probably warm a much bigger space. Prepare to be cozy.


The bedroom is likely at the top of that slanted ladder on the left. It may not be a staircase, but that bit of a angle makes the trips up and down easier.

A three quarter bathroom is an impressive thing to include in such a small space. The woodwork is nicely done. One main concession for the property is that the house doesn’t have sewer service, but does have a 500 gallon holding tank. That’s simple, but remember to maintain it!

Besides the price, the location is a major selling point. The 0.28 acre lot sits beside Dry Pond (which lives up to its name seasonally), nearby Maggie Lake for freshwater access, and less than a mile and a half as the crow flies to the upper waters of Hood Canal.


All of that may mean nothing compared to the possibility to be debt-free, while quietly sitting on the extensive deck among the trees.