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Try tri-peaks on Vashon’s waterfront

An uncommon 1965 design plays with peaks


Vashon Island has its appeal. Waterfront is always in demand. Putting those together with an uncommon 1965 style is rare, and valuable enough for a listing price of $899,000.

The typical response to a great room with a great view is to have a soaring peak of a ceiling, which is also a place to collect heat and spiderwebs. Here, they built three smaller peaks instead of one large one. Less glass to clean, a space that’s more intimate than intimidating, and a way to divide a room without breaking up the traffic patterns.

One peak defines the kitchen, a white-on-white aisle that stretches along one wall and along a long island that is a combination of work space and serving area. A little color will go a long way, but maybe letting the eating area hide the rest of the day is a good idea.

Two peaks cover the dining area. That may be more than is needed for everyday meals. Move the table aside and have a place for projects, or a place for people to play and dance.


The living room lives under a flat ceiling that changes the character without losing the view thanks to a set of windows in the corner. A traditional brick fireplace looks too tidy to burn wood, but check to see what kind of flame gets to add to the ambiance.

Almost as if it was a separate house, there’s a second section that does have the soaring roof, but it holds two stories. The upper story is an open space that can act as an art of yoga studio with a view.

The land’s important, and so is the water. An acre holds the house. One border is ninety feet of waterfront that includes a long dock. The setting may be the main draw, especially for someone who wants a view across to the mainland and a short drive to the ferry.

Put it all together, add some rooms below, and the 2,560 square-foot house also holds three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.