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Seattle rent comparison: What $3000 rents you right now

All houses all the time

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in the Seattle area. We've found five listings within $100 of today's price: $3,000

A large blue house with red trim
An open passageway connects a dining room with a fireplace and a living area.
A gray room with white wainscoting
A green room with white trim and moulding, and four windows on the left wall

↑ On Capitol Hill, 1903 three bedroom (plus bonus room) has a lot of the creative charm of other turn of the century homes in the area, like hardwood floors with an inlay design—plus, it has a fenced backyard. The whole cat-friendly house costs $3,000 a month.

A concrete front of a home has a friendly blue door with a large glass pane and a white railing to the right. Zillow
A living area with a fireplace, large windows, and a sliding glass door.
A kitchen in an open floorplan with dark gray counters, wood cabinets, and pots hanging above
A bedroom with a large bed and a wood trunk at the foot, and vaulted ceilings.

↑ This pet-friendly Ballard townhouse, built in 2008, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small backyard, and a washer dryer. The price is comparable to what some older houses go for in the area: $2,950.

A gray townhouse with wood slatted walls around the white door.
An open floorplan kitchen and living area with an open staircase to the right.
A white bedroom in a master suite. A door leads to a bathroom.
The rooftop deck of a townhouse has a thick, solid, gray railing.

↑ This brand-new townhouse at the edge of Greenwood on Aurora has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, a rooftop deck and quartz countertops—but doesn’t allow pets. It’ll run you $2995 a month.

A wood shingled house with a trellis, shot fro the large front deck
A kitchen with a built-in range with an orange kettle on it. White and blue backsplash tile have designs on them.
A dining area is a large nook in a larger living area with a fireplace
A breakfast nook in an orange-walled kitchen

↑ This 1916 West Seattle house near Lincoln Park has just two bedrooms, but it’s fully furnished and has a huge deck with water views—plus fun details like eating nooks, a fireplace, and French doors. The home, including a washer and dryer and gardens, rents for $2950 a month.

A yellow house with three gables and red trim
A staircase leading down to a hardwood floor and a front door

↑ This official historic landmark—the Fitch/Nutt house—in Fremont has four whole bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a wide deck along the three-gabled upper floor. The house rents for $3,000 a month.