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Amazon executive lists San Juan mansion and airport for $20M

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Eight figures buys a lot


What can $20,000,000 buy? Lots. For example: This 8,347 square foot house with seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, more than 98 acres of waterfront on San Juan Island, an FAA-approved airport, and privacy.

Some things are hard to hide, though, like the 2,500 foot by 100 foot strip of grass that is Burden Field, the very private access to the property for those who don’t want to spend all of that tedious time on the water. Permission is required to land, and the field as listed as having one airplane based there.


The airstrip is only a fraction of the 765 feet of shoreline. The property is broad and long, with a great, sweeping drive that passes through a lane of overhanging trees.


Speaking of trees, an orchard of apples, pears, plums, and cherries provides perennial harvests. Several barns suggest a more rural history. From the overhead view there also appears to be a set of fenced gardens.

If the saltwater shoreline isn’t enough, enjoy the shores of three lakes large enough for swimming.

If swimming in saltwater or natural fresh water isn’t appealing, dive into the indoor pool for laps.


Want a bit more exercise? There’s a gym for that, too.

As for the rest of the rooms, that’s left to the imagination, or to a tour that probably has some entrance requirements that involve financial statements.

Puget Sound Business Journal reports that the sellers originally bought the house to decompress after helping create a small, local project called So, is there a library in there somewhere, or were the shelves replaced with a place to charge a Kindle?